24hr Car & Heavy Truck Towing, Roadside & Recovery

Phil’s Towing has provided expert and affordable towing and roadside assistance in Houghton Lake, Grayling & Northern Michigan since 1992. They offer complete car and heavy duty truck towing and recovery services throughout Northern Michigan, along I 75, US 127 and all area highways. They are the trusted towing and recovery provider for many area residents, shops and law enforcement departments. With a fleet of flatbed and heavy duty towing trucks manned by a team of experienced towing professionals, Phil’s Towing is your choice for quality and affordable Houghton Lake, Grayling & Northern Michigan Towing. Call their 24hr dispatch center at 989-366-8805.

Houghton Lake, Grayling & Northern Michigan Towing Service

Providing immediate response towing services is what Phil’s Towing does best. Their expert towing and recovery providers are ready to deliver the best local towing available in Northern Michigan. They offer 24hr towing to all area highways and interstates including I-75, US 31, US 127, US 131, MI 32, MI 33, MI 66 & MI 72.

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Northern Michigan Heavy Truck Towing

Delivering expert, 24h heavy duty towing and recovery services in Houghton Lake, Grayling & and throughout Northern. Michigan, Phil’s Towing is your choice for affordable commercial truck towing. They offer complete heavy towing on all area highways and highways including I-75, US 31, US 127, US 131, MI 32, MI 33, MI 66 & MI 72. They can tow all types of trucks and RVs around Michigan or the Midwest.

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Heavy Truck Recovery & Cargo Services

Maintaining Northern Michigan’s most expansive fleet of heavy duty recovery trucks and equipment, Phil’s Towing offers complete heavy truck recovery, off road recovery and cargo services throughout their service area. Their team of recovery professionals are experienced in the latest recovery techniques ensuring your asset is quickly and safely recovered. Their team also provides load shifts, load transfers and cargo offloading and storage services.

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Trusted by Law Enforcement Officials

Phil’s Towing partners with several local law enforcement agencies to provide reliable and safe towing and roadside assistance services throughout the Houghton Lake, Grayling & Northern Michigan. These partners include the Grayling Police Department, The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Highway Patrol. They have completed a variety of training including TIM (Traffic Incident Management) Training from the Michigan Highway Patrol. Contact Phil’s Towing knowing your choosing Northern Michigan’s trusted towing provider.

Insured Above State & Federal Insurance Requirements

Finding a reputable towing provider can be challenging but choose Phil’s Towing knowing their insurance coverage exceed Federal and Michigan State Towing Insurance requirements. Taking risks with an underinsured tow provider could cost thousands of dollars down the road. You can trust Phil’s Towing.