Ice & Water Recovery Michigan

Ice Recovery Service

Phil’s Towing has several pieces of equipment dedicated to the fast, safe recovery of your vehicle. Their team uses specialized, custom equipment to ensure a safe and quick recovery for all vehicles. They can provide ice recovery services for cars, trucks, trailers, structures and snow machines. With their fast-response service they can save you money by recovering your vehicle with minimal damage to the environment. Call their dispatch center now at 989-366-8805 and get Michigan’s best Ice Recovery Team working for you.

Under Water Recovery Michigan

water Recovery Service

Phil’s Towing has years of experience in recovering submerged vehicles, trailers and structures from lakes and rivers. Their team understands how to safely and quickly recovery your submerged vehicle to save you time, money and minimize the impact to the lake. Phil’s Towing provides under water recovery throughout Michigan and to all Michigan lakes, streams and rivers. Call the submerged vehicle recovery team now at 989-366-8805.